Paraffin Wax

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Paraffin wax Use for
* Candle-making
* Coatings for waxed paper or cloth
* Food-grade paraffin wax:
o Shiny coating used in candy-making; although edible, it is nondigestible, passing right through the body without being broken down
o Coating for many kinds of hard cheese, like Edam cheese.
o Sealant for jars, cans, and bottles
o Chewing gum additive
* Investment casting
* Anti-caking agent, moisture repellent, and dustbinding coatings for fertilizers
* Agent for preparation of specimens for histology
* Bullet lubricant - with other ingredients, such as olive oil and beeswax
* Solid propellant for hybrid rocket motors
* Component of surfwax, used for grip on surfboards in surfing
* Component of glide wax, used on skis and snowboards.
* Friction-reducer, for use on handrails and cement ledges, commonly used in skateboarding
* Microwax: food additive, a glazing agent with E number E905
* Forensics aid: the nitrate test uses paraffin wax to detect nitrates and nitrites on the hand of a shooting suspect
* Anti-ozonant agent: blends of paraffin and micro waxes are used in rubber compounds to prevent cracking of the rubber; the antiozonant waxes can be produced from synthetic waxes, FT wax, and Fischer Tropsch wax
* Mechanical thermostats and actuators, as an expansion medium for activating such devices.
* "Potting" guitar pickups, which reduce microphonic feedback caused from the subtle movements of the pole pieces
* Wax baths for beauty and therapy purposes
* Thickening agent in many Paintballs, as used by Crayola
* An effective, although comedogenic, moisturiser in toiletries and cosmetics such as Vaseline.
* Prevents oxidation on the surface of polished steel and iron

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